Play This: Flappy Bird for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

There’s a new addictive game for you all mobile gamers out there.   You have to admit that Angry Birds and Candy Crush get boring after a while.  Such is the nature of games, anyway.  The new game that has gotten the attention of mobile phone and tablet users lately is Flappy Bird.  Yes, it’s another bird game but it’s not similar to Angry Birds.

Flappy Bird Download

Flappy Bird will not win awards in design as it is a 2D game.  However, the gameplay is nonetheless addictive.  Flappy Bird’s objective is to keep the bird airborne but at the same time, you have to avoid the pipes.  You keep the bird in air by tapping on the screen and the more pipes you avoid the higher your score.  This is somehow similar to Jetpack Joyride yet it’s also very much different.  Download the game and try it for yourself.  After all, it’s free.  Hit the source links below to download Flappy Bird.  It’s available on Android and iOS and is coming to Windows Phone in a few days.

iOS | Android


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