Facebook Removes Messaging on Mobile, Requires Messenger App for Chat

Facebook has announced recently that it is removing the messaging feature on its mobile app.  What will happen is that users will be required to install the standalone Messenger app if they want to chat with their Facebook friends.  This does not affect desktop so you can still chat with Facebook friends when you’re using the desktop version.

For iOS and Android users, installing a separate Messanger app is quite cumbersome.  For those already using Messenger, this is not too big of a deal.  Personally, Messenger is much better than the chat feature on the mobile Facebook app.  Facebook believes this as well, saying that Messenger is faster and better and even has a feature that allows free calls.


This move is a way for Facebook to expand usage of its standalone Messenger app.  A lot of people talk on Facebook but there’s a big chunk that do so over the Facebook mobile app.  Forcing users to install the Messenger app is a sure way of expanding the user base for Messenger, at the expense of irritating Facebook users.

There are benefits to both setups.  On Facebook, it’s easy to talk to friends after checking your news feed.  Opening another app to chat adds another step, a step that others are not willing to take.  But that’s the case with using other messaging apps anyway.