Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone Now Available for Download

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps on iOS and Android, although admittedly not the most popular.  That distinction belongs to the WhatsApp or Line messaging platforms.

Nevertheless, there is a sense of convenience in being able to run the Messenger app if you are active on Facebook.  Sometimes conversations that start on the social networking site continues outside Facebook and the best way to continue such conversations is through the standalone app.


For Windows Phone users, Messenger has been absent for a long time, but now it is ready for download for Windows Phone users.  The app is mostly the same as the Android and iOS counterparts, but there are major features that are missing.   Conspicuously absent in the Windows Phoen version of Facebook Messenger are voice messaging options and chat heads.   Other important features like group chat, photo sharing and stickers are however available.

You can now download Facebook Messenger from the Windows Phone Store if you are on the platform.


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