Chrome Remote Desktop App Now on Android, Coming to iOS Soon

Trust Google to continuously offer services that make our lives easier.  What’s good about Google is most of these services are free to use.  One service that has been available on desktop is Chrome Remote Desktop which lets users remotely access and control other computers.  The service is now on mobile, Android to be exact.  With the launch of the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android, users on mobile can now access their computers easily.


In order to set up Chrome Remote Desktop, you just need to enable remote access on Windows or Mac computer via an app in the Chrome Web Store.  Then on your Android device, you simply launch the Chrome Remote Desktop app and select the computer you want to access.  This of course requires that your computer is online.

If you’re on iOS, you may have to wait a bit longer but Google promised that it has plans to release Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS within the year.

You can download Chrome Remote Desktop for Android by hitting the source link below.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop



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