Bluestacks 2 Launched, Now Plays Multiple Apps on Windows

At the start of the mobile app revolution, users were wondering how they can play their favorite Android apps on Windows or Mac desktop.  Along came Bluestacks, one of the earliest solutions to playing Android apps on desktop.  Since its launch, Bluestacks has been one of the most used solutions for running Android apps on desktop.  The company behind it claims that the growth in usage has been so huge that as of today, it has already accumulated 109 million downloads.  Bluestacks users are also responsible for launching the platform to the top in terms of user Android base.  Statistics say that users are already running more than 1.1 billion Android apps every month.   This places Bluestacks ahead of Xiaomi and Sony in user base volume.   Bluestacks claims that the growth is spurned by PC gamers who also like playing mobile games.


Bluestacks 2 has been launched and is said to be much better than the first version.  While previously only one Android app can be launched at a time, the update now allows multiple apps through tabs.  You can therefore run multiple apps and simply jump through them using the open tabs.  Ads are also handled better this time since ads that you click on are opened in a separate tab.

BlueStacks 2 UI

BlueStacks 2 UI

Bluestacks 2 is currently available on Windows only. Mac compatibility might take a long time, just like the first iteration of Bluestacks.  You may download Bluestacks 2 from the link below.

Download Bluestacks 2