iPhone 8 Battery Swelling Issue Acknowledged by Apple

Apple is facing a minor controversy on its new iPhone 8 handsets.  I say minor because the incidents are still fewer than the number of incidents the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were involved in.  The controversy has something to do with the battery on the iPhone 8 which, as has been reported by some owners, is swelling up to a point that the sides are cracked open and the display is nudged forward.

The reports claim that iPhone 8s are split apart either on delivery or even after just a few days of use.  There have been no reports about fires, just phones that are split open because of swelling batteries. The first reported incident came out of Taiwan.  The other reports came from Japan, China, Canada and Greece.

For now, it’s not clear yet whether the swelling is occurring in just a handful of handsets or in larger batches of phones. Apple has acknowledged the issue as reported by Techcrunch and it says that it is already investigating the matter.  The statement from Apple reads: “We are aware and looking into it.”

When the number of shipped handsets is taken into consideration, the very few reported swelling incidents could still pass as isolated and possibly expected.  However, Apple is obviously not taking this lightly. The quick acknowledgment from Apple could be an indication that it is treating the issue seriously and that the incidents, however isolated, could mean something .  If Apple has learned anything from the Samsung incident, it is to take reports on battery issues seriously and find out the cause as early as possible.

iPhone 8 with swollen battery as reported by @Magokoro0511 on Twitter

I myself has experienced a battery swelling issue, but this was on an iPhone 6S and it happened after about a year from the time it was purchased.  The swelling was lesser in extent but the sides of the Phone still cracked, although it was a very small crack. I wasn’t even aware that there was battery swelling issue. The issue I reported was a non-charging iPhone 6S but the diagnosis was swollen battery.

In any case, battery swelling is not new and it probably happens to other phones, but just go unreported.  It just happened that this time, it is Apple’s new phone that is involved and it is happening while people’s memories about the Galaxy Note 7 are still fresh.  Hopefully the incidents are isolated and will not happen in a larger scale, or Apple will be in deep trouble.


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