Android Surpasses iOS, Now the Most Popular Tablet OS

Gartner’s recent survey revealed that Android is now the most popular operating system for tablets.  This is not a surprise as Android is present in many devices from several manufacturers and these devices are being offered at varying price levels.  In other words, everyone has an Android tablet that fits his needs and this makes it easy to pick Android over an iPad.  The cheaper price tag for Android tablets of course helps.


In any case, the survey from Gartner revealed that in 2013, Android took 61.9% of the tablet OS market share while iOS only took 36%.  Microsoft’s tablets on the other hand, took only 2.1% share.  The discrepancy between Android’s share compared to iOS is quite surprising.  Although Android was predicted to surpass iOS at some point, I did not expect it to be this soon, and this much.

If you want to know more about tablet stats in 2013, read Gartner’s report which you should find here.