Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s Main Features

After Lollipop, the next Android is Marshmallow.  It used to be known only as Android M but now it has a name.  Following Google’s naming system, the new Android version is a dessert.   Google also calls Marshmallow the Android 6.0.  Beyond the name, what is exciting about Android Marshmallow is the new features that make the update worthwhile.

Although not revolutionary, Android Marshmallow is still worth the wait for Android fans.  It does not offer radically new features but it makes the Android OS more polished, more usable and simply better.  There used to be a time that Apple’s iOS was the easy choice if you want a polished mobile operating system.  Google has however made so many improvements to Android that the gap is now practically non-existent.


For Android Marshmallow, what are the new features, you ask?  There are tons to be honest so if you’re after the complete, definitive list of Android Marshmallow features, you will be better off checking out the Android website.  However, if you simply want to know the more important features, here they are.


Google Now on Tap is an improvement of the Google Now feature of Android.  It now talks to apps by getting information available so that it can offer them while you are using these apps.  Google Now reads what is on the screen, analyzes what it sees, and offers helpful information.


This is something already available on iOS.  Android Marshmallow gives developers the ability to ask for permissions on a case-to-case basis.  The effect here is that users can now select which features an app can access where previously users give an app a wholesale permission upon installation.


Ever since Apple used fingerprint sensors on the iPhone and iPad, other device makers followed suit.  Android Marshmallow will simply give an easy and ready access to fingerprint support on phones and tablets.  Fingerprint support is neatly tied to the Android Pay feature of Marshmallow.


Doze is a battery-saving feature.  What it does is that it puts an Android Marshmallow-running device on “doze” mode when it’s not in use.  Android detects when the phone is not being used and works its magic to save battery.  It essentially puts apps on pause, doubling the device’s standby time.


Again, iOS was first to do this.  On Android Marshmallow, the cut, copy, and paste buttons will float above the text you’ve selected.  On Lollipop and earlier versions, it was not this easy.


This feature allows apps to pre-load websites so that when you visit a link from an app, it loads faster.  Yeah, it’s that simple.


Google is acknowledging the trend that leans towards USB Type-C cables.  Apple used this on its newest Macbook and some other devices use it too. Now Google simply adds support for this new cable format.


Marshmallow supports Android Pay, Google’s new mobile payments system and an obvious response to Apple Pay.  Android Pay allows users to link their credit cards and easily pay for products in more than 700,000 stores in the US.  As to other countries like the Philippines, it won’t be so useful at this point.

That’s about it for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.  For other features, visit the Android website.  Android Marshmallow will be released soon as Google promised a rollout a week after it was announced.