Hardwrk Massive Dock is an iPhone Dock Made of Concrete

Third party manufacturers of iPhone, iPad or iPod accessories will try anything just to get noticed or just to stay on top.  After all, the accessories market is so huge and profitable.  There are weird accessories out there and but some are truly original.


A company called Hardwrk has really nothing new to offer but since almost all materials have been tried for an iPhone dock, it tried concrete.  Yes, concrete.  Like cement. Like the material that makes up the road.  Or the walls in your home.  The iPhone dock is called Massive Dock, although it’s not huge.  Maybe the description refers to the weight.


I don’t think there is some added functionality for using concrete but certainly, the Hardwrk Massive Dock should be as hard as rock. Which means it will hold your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c or iPhone 5 firmly.  Watch this video and see how the dock works.

The Massive Dock is priced at 59.90 euros.  Hit the source link if you want to know more about the Massive dock.

Source:  Hardwrk