There is an Emoji Keyboard

Emojis are now a part of our daily existence.  If you use a mobile device, or if you connect to the internet, chances are you have seen emojis.  They are those colorful icons that pop up in chats and messaging apps. Emojis are a cute way of expressing oneself and they make conversations alive.  When technology changes, other changes are bound to happen. With the popularity of emojis now come the Emoji Keyboard.

Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboard

The Emoji Keyboard is a product of EmojiWorks.  It is a special keyboard that has keys with emojis assigned to them.  It should make typing emojis a breeze since you don’t have to type three to four characters to get the emoji you want.

Once you the keyboard adorned with familiar icons, you can’t help but smile.  But the question is, will people buy it?  The design of the Emoji Keyboard does not reflect seriousness but this could be the intent of EmojiWorks.  This keyboard might appeal to the youngsters who are into emojis.

The Emoji Keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect and it has pro and plus versions.  There is an option to choice the skin color of emojis.  The keyboard is compatible with Mac, iOS and Windows on tablets, laptops and desktops.

The Emoji Keyboard is still on pre-order stage and is priced at $79.95.

Source: EmojiWorks