Brando USB Mini Turntable Converts Vinyl to MP3

Vinyl is making a comeback as more and more audiophiles are starting to appreciate the quality of music vinyl brings.  But if you have vinyl discs and want to convert them to MP3s, one of the cheaper ways to do it is through the Brando USB Mini Turntable Capture and Player.


The name says it all.  The Brando USB Mini Turntable Capture and Player  is a turntable that has USB digital output for converting vinyl to MP3s.  It’s also a player in case all you want to do is listen t music.   This gadget is priced at only $65 dollars but I am not sure if it’s available in the Philippines.  If you want to check if the site delivers to the Philippines, all you have to do is hit the source link below.


Here’s a rundown of features of the Brando USB Mini Turntable Capture and Player:

  • USB digital audio output
  • Software included to record and processes your recordings
  • 2 speed turntable 33, 45rpm
  • Separate line level output via Phonon connections
  • Damped cueing lever to manually raise and lower the Tone Arm
  • Rear panel mounted Power switch
  • 45 rpm single adaptor
  • Plays LP records
  • Can convert LP to MP3
  • No external power needed
  • Plug Play
  • With built in speaker
  • Vinyl phonograph record player turntable audio player
  • 33 rpm, 45 rpm, two-speed turntable adjustable! 99% of the market that can be played album
  • Unique USB recording function, can connect to a computer! The original vinyl music into the computer, made with your friends, relatives, friends to share
  • Twin Lotus RCA audio signal output can be easily with your amplifier and audio equipment connected! Pure disk player, the signal output
  • Supports a maximum radius of 15cm below the vinyl record
  • Dimension: 280 x 110 x 60mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 610g