Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock Announced


Apple gets earns a lot from accessories.  This is a fact and this is a known thing among users of Apple products.  With every new gadget launched by Apple, expect to see separate accessories for that gadget.  Of course, the accessories themselves will cost an arm and a leg, just like the new product itself.

Take for instance, the new iPad Pro.  The tablet itself costs Ph43,000 in Philippine peso, but this has not stopped Apple from separately selling the Apple Pencil.  Considering that the Pencil is a very important part of the product, Apple should have included the Pencil in the package.  The iPad Pro keyboard is another story altogether.  As to quality of these accessories, some are durable, some are flimsy like the lightning USB cable used in iPhones and iPads.

Now about the Apple Watch, there is a new accessory called the Magnetic Charging Dock.  This is simply a wireless charging dock for the Apple Watch that allows users to easily charge the smartwatch by simply placing it on top of the dock.  No cables, cool.  But should it be priced at $79?  That’s about Php3,800 in Philippine peso. It’s definitely not a cheap accessory but it could be useful to most Apple Watch owners.  They have paid a lot for the smartwatch anyway, so what’s another $79?

In any case, if you buy the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, you’ll also get a lighting USB cable.  The dock itself has a small magnet in the middle so you can either charge the Apple Watch on its side or laying flat.  The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock charges both 38mm and 42mm models of the Apple Watch.


Source: Apple